Company Profile

The brokerage company RES International operates since 1998 in the field of real credibility and prudence to its customers and this owes to the founder of the MOKOS APOSTOLOS . The activities are varied in the space of a real estate appraisal , buying and selling , real estate exchanges , rental homes, rental shops , land sales and the possibility of compensation , sales of large craft and industrial countries suitable for housing development and large companies across the conurbation Law of Thessaloniki and the cities of Macedonia . The latest activities of the brokerage company was to come in collaboration with several banking institutions for loans to purchase apartments and administering commercial loans aimed at the development of our clients business . Since 2001, our company expanded in the field of construction and real business name MDOMICAL. Luxury and stability in the construction of our construction is our priority .The real estate office is okay in services to its customers prompt service for issuing certificates of energy performance certificate arranging arbitrary non arbitrariness and release electrical projects . tel 2310651111 6932642660 WHATS UP 6932766369 COSMOTE 6942815150 VODAFONE Prepaid

Objectives of the company are :

- The participation of stakeholders in REAL ESTATE

- The construction and management of real

- Direct service to our customers' problems

We invite you to visit our offices in Heroes 50 EUOSMOS University of Thessaloniki PO Box 56224 , to discuss with you the acquisition of your own roof and the development of your own undertaking ; and anything else that relates to your future investment in the real estate field .


MOKOU Apostle


RES International

and Member of the Board of Realtors Association of Thessaloniki S.M.A.S.TH